The Renegade Texas Grand 2015.


Street/Hobby update:9/29/2015.


General Rules: 2015 · All Cars to display Renegade Race Fuel Decal. RACEceivers will be used.

1. Safety Inspection tag is mandatory before you are allowed on the track. CURRENT Houston Area Track Safety Inspection tag is valid. · 2. Safety Inspection tags will be available Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Tech. · 3. Items inspected: All personal safety gear, 5 point seat belts/ fastened securely, seat secure, window net/ arm restraints, helmet (neck brace), driving suit, wrecker pick-up points front and rear. Other safety items as required by your class. No large holes in fire wall. No sharp edges on bumpers, nerf bars, fender such to cut another car's tire. You are not to race without an Inspection Tag. Cost: $-0-· 4. Any car coming to Tech without a 2015 VALID Safety Inspection tag issued, after Heat, A, B,C, or D is disqualified. · 5. Non-engine Tech inspection is optional for all classes and will be conducted at Tech at any time. ·6. Weight: All weights are post-race. You weigh with the car as it finished the race. ie: missing parts. · 7. No radios, no mirrors, scanners, or cell phones allowed in the race car while on the track. No race communications. · 8. No traction control devices allowed. All rear ends must be locked. · 9. No gasoline or methanol additives for the enhancement of power. · 10. All drive shafts are to be painted white or silver. · 11. No alcoholic beverages are to be consumed in the pit area before or during your races. · 12. Qualification remains with the driver, not the car. Which means the driver is qualified, but if the driver changes cars, they must start in the rear of the race in which the driver is qualified for. · 13. One registration per driver per class is required. Maximum Two Classes.· 14. Any ballast that is not welded in place must be painted white or silver.· 15.No recaps. Asphalt take offs are legal in some classes. No Claims.·16.Tech is not the place to find out your car is not legal. Know the rules, and know your car. DO NOT argue with the Tech Officials. Tech ruling is final! 17.The rules, regulations, and procedures contained herein were established for the racing events and to provide information for minimum requirements for the events. These rules shall govern the speedway events and by participating in these events all competitors and participants are deemed to have complied with these rules. No expressed or implied warranty of complete safety shall result from the publication or compliance with these rules, regulations, or procedures. They are intended as a guide for the conduct of this sport and in no way are a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators or others. Racing is a dangerous sport. Allow safety to be on your side.

· Modified: · 1. 2015 USMTS, USRA, GCM Modified rules apply. · 2. Any steel locked rear end is allowed, quick change okay steel tubes only. · 3. Bert, Brinn, Falcon, RaceGator and Mitchell internal clutch allowed. No In/Out boxes.· 4. No aluminum suspension parts allowed. Only solid design radius rods, and arms. 5. Any steel 15" x 8" wheel, any offset, any beadlock. 8” Modified tires (GCMS Rules) only: Hoosier stamped G60 (NO A, D, H) or American Racer KK704 stamped allowed. May be grooved / siped. NO Softies. Tires will be Durometer’ed. 6. Engine type determines spoilers allowed, weight and RPM chip. Option1: Spec Engine: GM Crate 604 ((6400.rpm chip)  OR CT525 crate (7300.rpm chip) Both engines= Spoiler 5". Weight 2450 lbs max. If CT525 engine minimum two 30 lb weights added at or ahead of motor mounts and above spark plugs. Option2: Concept Engine: (8000 rpm chip). Spoiler 5" Weight 2400 lbs. Option3: Open Engine: Spoiler 3" Weight 2500 lbs with 23-degree heads, 2550 lbs with <23-degree heads. With non-Brodix Spec aluminum heads 50lbs in front of motor plate. >375ci must use 8400 rpm chip, <374ci must use 9000 rpm chip.

Must declare Heads /Weight at tech and with weight display on left side windshield post! No Claims.

· ModLite / Dwarf Car . Mufflers not required. 1. Body: Mod-Lites and Classic both allowed. Texas Stars body rules. 2. Tires: Hoosier Medium Bozz tread V, Stars plated, or Goodyear G45, G50 allowed. All must duro 40 before race. 3. Wheels: Max 8" steel wheels allowed. Beadlock allowed on Rightside only. 4. Engines: GSXR 1000, Honda CBR 1000 RR, Yamaha YZFR1, Kawasaki ZX 10, Max compression 230 psi. 1000cc Stock engines. (2012 newest legal engine). Must remain stock bore and stroke, stock rods and pistons and cams. All head components must remain stock. Cams must be stock as per original equipment manufacturer, sprocket slots ok. . (OEM) and must meet specs as per manufacturer. ONLY OEM stock ignition system with OEM ECU box may be used. Engine must retain its stock fuel induction system. May run aftermarket air filters/headers/oil pan. Power Commander up to 5 USB, and TFI are legal. NO Bazzaz, auto tune or programmable ECU. Older carbureted engines allowed, Secondary butterflies may be removed. 1250cc max. Must be an originally a carbureted motor. 5. Weight: 1315 lbs. 6. Brakes: 3 working brakes with calipers and steel rotors. 7. Suspension: Torque absorbing devices on Dwarf cars ok. Max 3-link. Max 30" trailing arms, 8. Gears: Quick Change with steel tubes allowed, any gear. Axles must be locked. No bird cages.


· Limited Modified:. ·1. Chassis. 107-109" wheelbase. All suspension parts must be stock for 78'-87' GM metric frame. After market bushings allowed. No offsets. Upper control arm mounts may be moved. Upper control arms stock appearing aftermarket. Spindles and rotors, stock. 2. Stock brakes, minimum 3 complete working brakes assemblies required. Any shock okay that fits stock frame/suspension Spacers OK. 3. Body. Modified style. 4. Wheel base Min= 107 1/2" at Tech. 5. Max 362ci. May use GM crate engine #88958602, or 19258602 ONLY. Must be sealed with factory seals MUST be present and not show any evidence of tampering! 6.Flat top pistons only, No six inch rods.  Max 1.94” in, 1.50” ex. 11/32”, Heads: 997, 445, 882, 624, 441, 487, 993, 185, 920, 862, 598, 493, 336, 126 ONLY, no ‘X’. may use Engine Quest (EQ) stock Replacement (SR) cylinder head, GM part #CH3501. 180 psi max. No Roller cam. 7.ONLY Carburetor 4412-500cfm on ALL engines except crates which can use any 4 barrel. GoNoGo will be used on 4412. 8. Wheels. 15"x8" with any offset. Right Rear bead lock ok. 9. Tires. 8” H-Stamped Hoosier ‘500’ or IMCA Stamp. Asphalt tires. Tires will be Durometer’ed. 10. Weight. 2315 lbs. IMCA cars must match rules above except EQ heads allowed.


· Pure / Factory Stock:. 1. American made passenger car. Two or four door car is allowed. Steel roof required. Trucks bodies are allowed. 2. Full floor pan not required. Quick Steer OK. 3. Engine. Stock OEM cast steel block in stock Location. Max. 364 ci. Stock bore ( +0.065”) and stock stroke combinations only. After market pulleys and balancer allowed. Hydraulic cam only, MAX .450 lift at valve. Compression Rule 175 psi. Only single spring, steel open chamber heads (no 461,462, nor Vortec etc, must match block (305 heads 305 block OK.). Max valve 1.94”, 11/32” No port/polish. No fuel injection. Stock OEM unaltered intakes only, plus VictorJr #2901. Carburetor:  Rochester 2 barrel, Unaltered 350 Holley #0-7448 or #65-7448. Holley 4412-500cfm allowed. Carb must remain stock minus choke flap. GoNoGo will be used. May use adapter / spacer with 1” max thickness. Ignition: Stock/ stock replacement, 4. Transmission must be stock with working torque (10.25”min) converter or (10.1”min) clutch/flywheel combination. 5. Rear end. Stock for year and make. Axles must be locked. 6. Fuel. Gasoline only. No performance enhancement additives. Fuel tank must be mounted in trunk and protected from rear end collision. Must be secure. 7. Brakes Stock Drum or all steel rear disc brakes allowed. Minimum 3 complete working brake assemblies. No proportioning valves. 8. Wheel base. Min. 108" per specs. Tech =107.5" 9. Suspension stock. Any steel spring allowed. Shocks must be stock mount on shock and car in stock location. After market bushings allowed. No jack bolts. No adjustable spring spacers. 10. Wheels. Maximum 8”, steel Only. Only Right Rear bead lock allowed. 11. Tires: Any DOT radial tire, maximum width 50 series. Hoosier stamped G60 or KK-704 or asphalt pull offs. Siping/ Grooving OK. 12. Weight: 3150 lbs with 4412 Carb.; 3000 lbs. with 7448 or Rochester.  No headers allowed. 13. Driver. CURRENT Pure / Factory Stock drivers ONLY. If you race in any other class, you are not eligible. If you didn't race Pure / Factory Stock prior to July 4, 2015 you are not eligible.

· Street / Hobby Stock · 1. All Cars.: General Rules : 2. Any American made passenger car with full frame, PLUS Nova and Camaro allowed. 3. Chassis. Full stock frame or uni-body frame. Uni-body sub-frames must be tied together. 4. Suspension. After market steel springs allowed. Lowering blocks are okay. Any steel shocks max 4, allowed, may be relocated.  IMCA Stamped upper control arms okay.  Any ball joint. 5. Body. Steel/ aluminum body only.No fiberglass except roof. No Late Model style bodies. All interior panels may be removed. 6. Steering. Stock steering must be used wheel to wheel and gear box, except shaft and steering wheel. Quick steer okay. 7. Fuel/systems. Gasoline only, no performance enhancement additives. Mechanical fuel pump only. Holley  500 - 4412 ONLY! GoNoGo will be used. 8. Ignition. Stock/ stock replacement, HEI after market ok. 9. ENGINE OPTION 1: Crate SPEC Engine #88958602 engine may run any 4 barrel carburetor. All carb components (float bowls, & main body) must be Holley manufactured. Metering blocks and base plate may be aluminum non-holley. May use Speedway Motors #545-64940 or Moroso part #64940 carburetor spacer on crate engine. Weight 2975 lbs. ENGINE Option 2: Maximum 364 cubic inches.  No stroke or de-stroke allowed. Steel rods only. Flat top pistons must be used. No port or polish.  Screw in studs/ guide plates are okay. Steel heads only. Cast iron or aluminum intake okay. Vortec head casting # 10239906 or casting # 12558062. Engine Quest GM part # CH3501 Must remain as produced, seat angles and valve sizes cannot be changed, or any OEM straight plug head. Weight 3200 lbs. ENGINE Option 3: Minimum 3325 lbs. for Engines larger than 362 cubic inches. All other engine rules from Option 2 apply. If any other steel head (max 2.02, 1.68) or over 400 cubic inches Weight minimum 3375 lbs. Bore and Stroke must be displayed on left side window post or hood. 10. Engine Location: #1 spark plug must be no further back than 1" from front upper left ball joint, as measured with a square on the block. 11. Exhaust. Headers okay.  12. Automatics may have working torque converter. Standards with clutch must have aftermarket safety steel bell housing. Bert /Brinn ok: ball spline NOT allowed. No reverse starters, must be in stock position only. 13. No 3 Link. Rear-end. Ford 9” OK. Floaters OK. Must be 100% steel. 14. Wheels. Maximum 15"x 8” steel. Bead-lock on right rear ONLY. 15. Tires: Goodyear Racing Tire #2951 Medium or Hard Compound and Hoosier Stamped G60, H500 / 500, KK-704. AR500. Ten inch (10") wheels allowed ONLY with Asphalt pull offs.  No softeners. CAUTION! Tires must durometer more than 45!  All tires may be grooved/siped. 16. Drivers must declare weight they are running at driver check-in and MUST BE DISPLAYED on LEFT side WINDOW POST.

· 305 Sprints: Southern United Sprints, Louisiana Bayou Sprinters, Smiley's Sprints, and RaceSavers are welcome. 1.Sprint cars only. Frame and body must have a sprint car appearance. Wheel base 80” minimum, 95” max.  2. RACESAVER® 305 SPEC head. 10.25:1 maximum compression ratio, checked w/ Whistle. Max CI= 317.  ZERO Tolerance. Max Stroke 3.50.  3. RR= RACESAVER® plated ONLY.. No softeners allowed. Minimum durometer for RR = 35, LR more than 33. RR Bead lock required. No Bleeders. 4.Wing maximums: 25 sq. ft., 61” wide, 2.5” belly, side boards 30” by 72” 5. Weight 1550 lbs after race. 100 lb. penalty for use of any electronic components, incl: ignition, ECU’s or driver aids, which means 1650 lbs.!.







Created by Markus Tenghamn